shut the f*** up, express displeasure
math homework UP,

mom: "go clean your room"

you: "mom UP"
by farmpartyboy December 11, 2010
U-ndercover P-artyer Someone who is quiet most the time usually at school but knows how to party on weekends.
Hes a major U.P. NUKKA!
by CHILLZ1127 June 08, 2006
A form of agreeing or calling people´s attention to a previous post/comment at a forum/article.
Guy: Help me with this stuff!
-no replies-
Guy: up.

Comment on an Article:
I like it so up the damn quote already!
by Akmaur February 05, 2007
Term used by car salesman to describe individuals who walk into their lots for the first time.
Joe took 6 ups today without making a single deal.
by Shahin January 31, 2005
short for shut the fuck up
also can be used by pointing up...up
Random Person 1: what are you doing later?
Dickhead: Up
by chunksup August 27, 2008
1. leaving; going anywhere besides where you are

2. getting out of somewhere quick.
1. "i'm up, i'll see u later"

2. "i seen a cop down the alley, i was up"
by j gouche October 19, 2006
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