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(adjective) hard or erect
as soon as she dropped her underpants, I was up.
by Jake January 16, 2004
Un-protected sex

Used between mates when describing the act of shagging without a rubber.
"Yeah, I had u.p.s last night"
"How was it"
"Wet and warm"
by Woodlands February 27, 2009
A verb that describes"what you are" when you are feeling the effects of ecstasy pills.
"I dropped a pill about an hour ago... I feel up!" Person 1

"Me too man. I've been up for the past 10 minutes! This song is the best song ever!" Person 2
by Space-Buddha December 17, 2013
Up Skirt.

a abbreviation used to state a up skirt.
ex. a girl sitting down with her legs open and u can see up her skirt
guy 1: hey dude hella u.p.s right behind us!
guy2: omg niice, so hot.
by TDK52 May 28, 2008
Acronym for Unofficial Patch: a series of bug fixes, texture adjustments and just general gameplay tweaks to games that are publicly modifiable. These patches are not offered with retail copies of the game, and U.P.'s are usually made by skilled game modders or modding projects/collaborations, and not the game developer itself.
The Unofficial Skyrim Patch is an U.P.
by Unit-Omicron January 26, 2015
UP can stand for UnderPowered, in contrast to OP, Overpowered. It is used mostly in RTS forums for indicating a weakness in a unit, civilization, ect.
The Chinese anti-cavalry units are way too UP, as they have nothing to counter the splash attack of French Gendarmes, please fix it mods.
by Drüd August 31, 2008
Abbreviation of Under Powered, used commonly in Starcraft 2.
Zergs are so UP
by Saifury September 27, 2010
shut the f*** up, express displeasure
math homework UP,

mom: "go clean your room"

you: "mom UP"
by farmpartyboy December 11, 2010

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