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origin: Arabic
Unser is a funny, sensitive, kind gentleman. He is a great guy to be with, and will make you laugh at everything he does. Just being around him will make you feel so great. The meaning of unser is "our friend", and also "sexy horse". He is a very friendly, enthusiastic, person who will motivate you to do amazing things. Unser will be loyal to you as long as you stay his friend. Unser is a sexy, handsome beast. They are known for their intelligence, and knowledge. They love to play sports, and usually stay off you nerves.

All of the above is true, Unser really is the hottest, funniest, sexist guy ever.

The German word for Unser means"my wild penis".
"did you see that guy"
"he's such an Unser"
by Unser Usif January 19, 2013
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person 1: I made out with Sam last night.
person 2: Thats a load of "Unser"!
by Trent mark September 04, 2005
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A lying degenerate who cant spell, drives around in his fathers old school lamborhini thinking he is a boss. Dont believe what he says as he is suffering from a huge inferiority complex.
Unser is a punk
by thewholetruthandnothingbut September 23, 2014
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