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Bascially, really messed up one-man group who makes industrial songs that are really addicting. Many of his songs are too disturbing for words, yet some of them are OK. Some of his songs are actually quite good.

Despite the fact that Suicide Commando is the most messed-up artist on this green Earth, he is really talented and ought to be noted for that.
I just downloaded "Neuro Suspension" by Suicide Commando. I think this guy had a bad life...
by Evestar July 21, 2009
The best Industrial group ever.

Combichrist was founded in 2003 by Andy LaPlegua, and has since released six albums. Combichrist was a bit obscure until the 2006 release of "Get Your Body Beat", which many people have heard of.

Some examples of their songs are:

1. Get Your Body Beat
2. Red
3. Scarred
4. Without Emotion
5. Get Out of My Head
6. Kickstart the Fight
7. At the End of it All
Combichrist's "Red" is the most addictive song ever!
by Evestar July 19, 2009
The most annoying word in the English language. It seems like everyone is saying it lately. Basically, it is a word people use as a universal adjective for something unbelieveable.
Joe: Did you see that car?
Bob: Yeah, it was unreal.

Joe: Did you finish your ice cream?
Bob: Yeah, it was unreal.
Joe: Stop saying that!
Bob: You're unreal!
by Evestar July 13, 2009

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