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A word made up by the great W13 so he doesn't have to have a proper reason to do things which affects many people.
W13: "You have been banned."
You: "Why?"
W13: "For unprotensenzelous reasons."
by GP December 22, 2004
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Word that W13 found out on the spot for a reason to close Off-Topic forum of RSC.
I can't give an example for unprotensenzelous reasons.
by Hugo flug December 22, 2004
does not exist in dictionary. Therefore, it means the same thing as "nothing".

Also, when used in certain context, it means that there is 'no reason' or 'no explanation required'.
W13: "I have unprotensenzelous reasons"
Stupid: "What is unprotensenzelous?"
Smart: "Unprotensenzelous means that you dont need a reason to tell us"
by Wooly Mammoth December 30, 2004
Derived from various word games, its a word that sounds real enough. But is actually a made up word worth a lot of points in scrabble.
Also used by idiots who try to sound clever, such as W13
"Due to unprotensenzelous reasons, Off Topic forum is now closed."
by Rob December 22, 2004
A word that w13 made up.

Look it up! its not there!

Due to unprotensenzelous reasons, Off Topic forum is now closed.
by Matthew Cunnelly December 22, 2004

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