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One who is not afraid to speak their mind and do what they want in the face of ridicule and hatred.
The unpopular ones are more popular than the populars...think about it.
by boxcoolbox January 06, 2004
Anything absolutely horrible that is sure to make people feel bad or hurt but boosts ratings and newspaper/magazine sales beyond belief. Not to be confused with good news.
Yesterday on the news I read that endangered pandas seeking refuge in the rainforest were viciously attacked by evil corporations under the WTO and then had their meat sold to first world countries that will just waste and its all our fault but I'm going to be sure and tune in at 11 to find out the rest of the story.
by boxcoolbox January 06, 2004
The crime infested industrial and commerical epicenter in GTA3.
Liberty City is quite an ironic name.
by boxcoolbox January 06, 2004
The one word to sum anything said in any Japanese anime show or movie ever created. Commonly used to describe the very fast-talking fight scenes in anime.
Then there was the fight that was like: "Doyohhhhhhhh, GOyahhhhhhhhhh!!"
by boxcoolbox January 06, 2004
Anyone whose race cannot be defined from appearance.
That kid looks to be from 90 countries, he is such a Stecke.
by boxcoolbox January 06, 2004
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