a really ugly nasty person who nobody wants to have anything to with, especially the opposite sex. Not good at anything they do. Stupid, uncool, poser & really gay. Not cool at school or online. Nobody wants anything to do with them except other fellow losers and even they just use them.
Vitale is really unpopular. He wondered if he would ever become popular one day.
by Mikert September 27, 2007
A teenage term used by the "cool" group of teens (later in life these are usually big losers) that accurately describes other teens who will usually succeed in life.
Dude, he's so unpopular, always turns in his homework and knows stuff ... and look at those last year Adidas he's wearing.
15 years later ...

Unpopular: hey, didn't you use to be that really cool kid ... ah, never mind ... I'd like the number 2 from your menu, large fries and no onions ... have a meeting with some Lockheed people in an hour and don't want to reek ...

Popular: For here or to go ?
by Caesar Stone February 24, 2008
A girl who in school had no friends. She becomes your friend and then tries to control your relationships with all of your other friends.

This girl is usually poor, has no friends, never gets invited to any parties and the people you hang with do not like her.

She is ultra possessive and dosen't want you to hang out with anyone but her.

Also may be known as a scum but if you ask around she will also be most likely known as a " non entity" or a wave of disgust will cross over people's faces if you say her name.
That coke bottle glasses girl was unpopular.
by kint3 February 01, 2009
People not classed as the 'cool' kids. Often used by the 'populars' to refer to the other kids when in fact the so-called unpopulars are the more popular ones. They may not get invited to all the parties but they have the true friends and are only outcasted by the populars because they are 'different' or not afraid to speak their mind. All of the unpopulars will be the ones who you see in celebrity magazines and on the news and on TV and any popular kids from school will be the ones asking you whether you want fries with that.
"I can't believe she invited the unpopular kids!"
by Guy101X_ June 24, 2014
People who are ugly or scummy in junior high or hs and no cool kids like them or associate with them at all. They usually talk about them them behind their back.

They don't get invited to any parties. The ones they do attend they usually crash and end up drinking or doing drugs at them.

They wear stained looney tunes shirts to school and come to people's lunch tables and try to act like they're your friend.

These unpopular kids are either socially inept, poor, stupid or just not cool.
Sarah was really unpopular and scummy in school.
by tweety bird 00 November 13, 2008
An adjective referring to those with little popularity, esp. those who hold grudges against the "cool people".
Unpopulars are out to KILL cool people. I'll go get my sword and help out!
by ihitterdal April 30, 2007
as in: nerd, geek, smart kid, fat kid
oh my god did you see what Meg was wearing? She is so unpopular. (you, get a life)
by none of your business November 03, 2003

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