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From the movie Road Trip, where Tom Green's character is trying to get a snake to eat a mouse, and wants to revel in it's demise. He gets more and more upset until he starts screaming "MITCH!!! UNLEASH THE FURY!!"
see above
by Yuckysox March 17, 2004
quote used by a Sweedish neoclassical guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen on a plane coming from Tokio.
Yngwie - You've unleashed the focking fury!!!!!
by Calculator March 12, 2005
1)To be particulalrly violent; to perpetrate extreme violence.
to (open a can of whoop ass)

2)To attack animalistically.
1)"He was like all in my face, until I got to a point i had to unleash the fury."

2) "Unleash the fury!" Tom Green- Road Trip
by stevezoid March 17, 2004
The action of taking a crap that is aggressive and/or combative in nature, accompanied by a certain air of ambition and determination.

" Though the journey may be a long and arduous one, I must retire to the restroom and unleash the fury ".
by Mr. Schneebaum January 22, 2009
When someone goes totally apeshit on someone else.
OH Fuck! He unleased the fury on that hobo!
by 21 inch wang March 14, 2004
to pack in 800 years of pent up aggression and oppression into 80 minutes of rugby and beat the world champions
jeez the lads fair unleashed the fury on the english during the match
by Lactose Intolerant March 15, 2004
The process by which a person, usually driven by emotional or personal reasoning throws all thought out of the window and performs a rash act. Fighting, selling stock in a panic, blowing your credit card on meaningless junk or bidding on ebay often result.
"Man, this guy told Phil he thought he was gay, then Phil unleashed the fury on him - we had to call an ambulance"

"If Anna doesn't stop bugging me I'm gonna unleash the fury"
by Asura March 08, 2004
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