The most powerful country in the world due to the highly intelligent and motivated efforts of people that have migrated over the years from every part of the planet in search of opportunity and a better standard of living.
George Washington
by Sean C. Eastman June 25, 2004
The greatest fucking country on the planet. They, with some untrained, unorganized backwoods militiamen defeated one of the largest military powers in the world in the name of freedom. NBD.

The United States basically kicks every other countries' ass. If you don't like it then GTFO
Man this Nazi-esque barbaric country sucks. I wish I could have freedom and live in a kickass country like The United States!
by Unitedztatezofamerikaniqua July 15, 2011
One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
Proud to become a United States Citizen. , if you don't like it!? deal with it!
by sagcfl01 July 05, 2011
a great vast beautiful country
AMERICA (United States) - the greatest country on earth
by country folk February 06, 2013
A country of freedom...and stuff...and...Okay *laughs*

Let me put it strait for you. Were not the worst country in the world...sort of...

Sure we have a pretty curropt gorvernment but lets be honest, who the hell doesn't?

Yeah we think europe is a country...stupidly often...

Wait is it a country? *looks in "Our Dumb World" Atlas* Okay it is confirmed to me it is NOT a country.

Sure we have a more extremist religion ideology than Rome ever will but hey it's...just an idea right? What's the harm of... an... ide-

ANYWAY! HEY! We were founded on freedom! Even though...pretty much all of the countries in Europe have it too. Including Japan...Canada...and a few.. others. But! We were first! I think. Even though blacks were slaves and women were... Nevermind.

Okay fine were pretty bad... and stupid... and hypocritical... and taking credit where it isn't due...

But lets be honest were better than places like Africa and the middle east.

Even though it's stupid to compare them becuase they're both massively different...

You know what? Fuck you, I'm out of here!

Here's you god damn example!


Good now your ears are bleeding.

Oh and the word United States becuase Urban Dictionary said so!

by Random Shenanigans June 26, 2011
A shortened form of The United States of America. This country is located below Canada in North America and is governed by two dominant political parties. Unfortunately for Americans, one of these parties -- known as the Republican party -- is composed of paranoid schizophrenic religious nutjobs who seem committed to living in the past instead of planning for the future. Because both parties are roughly equally balanced in power, little progress is made in America's political system, as the Republican party attempts to destroy the country while everyone else attempts to save it. Overall, the United States of America is a horrible place to live, especially if you have a vagina.
Person 1: "Damn! The republicans are at it again!"
Person 2: "What is it now?"
Person 1: "They're trying to slash funding for the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Planned Parenthood program, and all of our other public service programs!"
Person 2: "Fuck, man! They're trying to destroy the United States! It's time to move to Canada."
Person 1: "Fuck yeah!"
by a concerned citizen- May 15, 2011
A country made up of 50 states and numerous territories. Revered as one of the most powerful nations with referance to innovation, military might, capitalistc ideals, and the reputation of sticking it's nose where it does not belong.

A country that fought not just for freedom of religion, thoughts, culture, speech, ideas, but also freeom of fiscal slavery by originally fighting against a private reserve bank that would control monetary policy and currency value. (Central Bank of England) Only to have an elected official sell out in order to become President by approving the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. (Woodrow Wilson)

A country who now has military bases in more than 150 countries which attempts to play World Police whenever it deems necessary in conjunction with the United Nations. With results being a One World Government or as many of it's President's have worded, a New World Order.

A country who no longer uses the supreme law of the land (The Constitution) and has replaced it with The Patriot Act and other unconstitutional laws that protect a lawless corporate elite and crooked politicians.

This country is one of the fastest paced countries toward the road of fascism being renamed as patriotism, and ignorant and soon to be eradicated populaces through eugenics, by wave of unproven medicens, vaccines, and a genocidal food quality guideline known as the Codex Alimentarius.
Bubba "Did you see the United States bombing Afghanistan on the news"?
Tyrone "No, I missed the United States bombing another country since I was watching the superbowl on my flat screen while downloading some bukkake videos that the mass media says was considered moral now".
by SIZZLLIN March 02, 2011

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