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The country every asshole in the world, both inside and outside, like to bitch and moan about. Constantly mocked by these same assholes for its highly religious population comparable to the rest of the world, as well as its obligation to protect every individual's right to own a firearm. Other unfunny joke material include the United States' healthcare system, which unlike other countries doesn't make you fucking wait for eternity to visit the doctor, and our no bullshit attitude towards terrorist threats.

This is of course until shit hits the fan and they need tons of aid money or a stronger military force to bail them out, which usually ends up being the United States' job
An asshole, if the United States intervenes in a foreign conflict: "The United States shouldn't be policing the world!"

An asshole, if the United States doesn't intervene in a foreign conflict: "The United States is ignoring the plight of these less fortunate countries!"

An asshole, if the United States ends up saving their country AGAIN: ".......I'll pretend this never happened."
by Jman1991 December 24, 2010
A person who does not believe in God. Claims their belief is based on logic and rationalism, but is really just a lack of an answer for why the universe exists, what caused the creation of the universe, or how the laws of science came to be or why they are consistent.

The most tolerable atheists just don't talk about the matter at all, and the worst atheists spend all day insulting religion in general on the internet.

Essentially, a person who is not thinking but believes he is the only one who is.
Atheist: At first, there was nothing. And because there was nothing, nothing happened, and then nothing occurred and then the universe appeared. It's the only explanation that makes sense!

Theist: You keep telling yourself that.
by Jman1991 December 20, 2010

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