the overgrowth of unwanted facial hair between the eyebrows.
also called mono brow.
Jerry has a unibrow.
by steven July 28, 2003
when ya 2 eyebrows connect so it looks like one.
ew,look at her thick ass uni-brow!
by ghettovicious April 11, 2003
Derrel Foster
Derrel has a big ass uni brow.
by Andrew Stein April 11, 2003
hair that links 2 eyebrows together
Marcel has a unibrow.
by Kevin......................... April 10, 2006
Dipping your balls into a girls ass, following that up with her performing oral sex on you in the 69 position thereby slapping your dirty poo overed balls in-between her eyes thus creating the image of the young lady having a unibrow.

The upsidedown Goatee
She went to the salon yesterday and got her eyebrows waxed and all cleaned up, then last night I ruined that and gave her a nice unibrow.
by MaCoBeEt November 17, 2011
A caterpillar-like growth caused by two eyebrows growing into each together.

This was done by Unistatburns.
by Joseph Fretias November 19, 2003
right above JM's Nose.
J M's unibrow on her face.
by Bitch :) July 01, 2009

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