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A mustache that has migrated towards the nothern reigion of the face, usually between the eyebrows.

Sometimes there will still be some mustache left, as not all of it wanted to leave.
Guy 1: Didn't he have a mustache yesterday?
Guy 2: yeah, it just migrated to create that unibrow.
by Sewsuper November 17, 2011
An arachnoleptic fit is the little dance you do when you walk through a spider web as you try to get it off of you. Often used as a verb or a noun. Can also be used to express distress in seeing a spider.
Darn, I'm just might have an arachnoleptic fit if I see that spider one more time.

Person 1:Is there something wrong with them?
Person 2:Nah, they're just having an arachnoleptic fit.
by Sewsuper November 17, 2011

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