AKA monobrow is when both eyesbrows join in the centre to form one massive eyebrow which is very unattractive and ewwwwwwwwwwwww
"dude your unibrow is a major turn off get it waxed asap"
by Jose Mansilla (so bored) February 07, 2007
1) a vagina on someones forehead
2) what happened when your parents had unibrows that blocked their vision so they forgot the put on a condom before makin your hairy ass
Johnny has a blue waffle in that vagina he calls a unibrow on his forehead that's why he curses at me all the time
blue waffle, cavemen, vagina, period, dipshit
by caveman killer March 16, 2011
When a man shaves his pubic hair and saves the trimmings. He then ejaculates/shoots his load between a girls eyes and adds the pube trimmings...giving the lady the apparance of a unibrow
She was sucking my dick and I pulled out and came in between her eyes...then I threw my pubes ontop giving her a nice unibrow
by c richmond December 28, 2009
growth of eyebrows such that it creates one long brow instead of two, seen often in cavemen and idiots.
look at that kid Lorenzo, he has a unibrow.
by Deadpool April 12, 2003
Unsightly growth extension of the eyebrow, forming what appears to be a single eyebrow which extends beyond the normal eyebrow range. Used in conjunction with Liphair (see description) by male members of Middle-eastern countries to determine whether a female of same origin is of consentual age.
Akbar, my good friend..Look at the unibrow and liphair on that fine Afghani woman. Indeed she is the most beautiful hairy mass I have laid my eyes upon.
by Josh January 03, 2004
a tremedusly gay overgrowth of hair above the nose
George has a unibrow the size of bulgaira
by Robbie December 09, 2003
when the normal two eyebrows have merged into a single, continous body of hair above the eyes. unibrows have been shown to score lower on standardized tests than their bi-brow brethren and also have a lower standard of living.
damn son, moses couldnt part that sea of eyebrow hairs over your eyes. you could land a fartin airplane on that unibrow.
by rilesworth March 10, 2007

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