Urine and Feces.

Used for marking territory, mainly by jackals.
Oh my god there is UNF everywhere.

Blast that fool with UNF.

You won't see them comin around here no more, I got UNF everywhere.
by Anubis Maximus July 10, 2008
The paradigm of sexiness.
Sabu is fucking unF
by Uru January 29, 2004
The profound noise and/or actions of having wild sex.
unF unF unF unF..ohhh baby...
by Caitlin April 06, 2003
It means Ur No Fun , ahkay.
Matt UNF.
Scott UNF.
by LP. June 03, 2004
The sound of dry humping an inanimate object while clothed.
by Krizzyn January 23, 2003
The sound or act of sex
"I took her home and gave her a good uNf-ing.
by SirBox March 14, 2003
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