unidentified nocturnal fornication
unf was heard from the dark trees behind my house...unf unf...i was scared
by fireball4u January 04, 2005
For all of you vulgar people it can also mean the abbreviation for Unified National Fine (as in thread of a mechanical device that has a spiral groove cut in it for holding and fastening things together, most times called a "screw" that has no connotations to vulgarity.
When purchasing screws be sure to specify the thread type UNF as opposed to UNC
by 1ofmanytoo July 11, 2011
the united negro fund

a fund for negroes that unite
i gave to the unf the other day, 20 dolla
i was watchin' white chicks and they referenced the unf
by gretchen69me December 30, 2011
The University of No Football; Home of the Osprey; Also known as The University of North Florida. It is a relatively good school in Jacksonville, Florida that has NO FOOTBALL TEAM. Before attending this school students are blinded by the nice campus and good food so they don't realize there's NO FOOTBALL TEAM until it's too late.
Gator: " Hey, What school do you go to? "

Osprey: " UNF. "

Gator: " Damn. So... No hot football players? "

Osprey: " None at all. "
by kcoffayy November 12, 2010
.v. unf, unfed,
To hump in excitment; to make weird facial expression.
1. can she.. hell ya... shes a great unf
2. unf on baby! unf on!
3. but you unfed
4. whos unf'n
5. keep on unfin' in the freeeeeee woooorld

Synonyms: Boh!, Fuck, Hump
by Mike & Sarah July 08, 2006
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