UNF, aka, University of North Florida, is located in Jacksonville, FL. It is the best school not only in Florida, but the country. It has the newest buildings, best food, private and large dorms, and the best weather in the US. It is an honor to be accepted to unf. It is also college to the tannest and hottest girls and guys. ;) oh and it has a lazy river. and b.o.b. is performing for free next month. just another added bonus. and its five minutes from the beach, just sayin'
UNF is the most amazing college in the US and if you dont go there, you just suck.
by UNF is amazing July 20, 2010
University of North Florida
Woo fucking hoo I got admitted to the University of North Florida! I'm slightly smarter than an intelligent monkey.
by blueshound September 11, 2004
Traditional term from the farmlands of mississippi defining a suppressed grunt of sexual pleasure in a barn.
Ernest let out a muffled unf as he wrestled in the hay with his prize porker.
by Consumer April 08, 2005
A virginal, completely stupid onomatopoeia that teenage girls use to show that they are dry masturbating through their pants to photos of hot men online, mainly on Oh No They Didn't!.
Girls, if you find him truly hot, use the word SHLICK instead, it's sexier.
UNF he's hot
by 207shawdy March 06, 2009
Ungly Negro Filipinos
Brittany and her Dog are UNF and Amber whats to be an UNF
by UFN May 14, 2011
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