1. Person or Object that many people dislike but there is no reason to dislike it.

2. Person or Object that has High Quality at what it's doing but isnt known that well by the public.
1. Halo 3 is underrated because people think Call of Duty 4 is better when theyre at the same level.

2. Rap Artist Proof from the rap group D12 is underrated because many people dont know who he is but know who fellow D12 member) (and also extremely talented Eminem is, but Proof is extremely talented.
by I hate it when things are UR September 12, 2009
adj. used to describe something that the speaker has only just recently started to love, especially if said something was formerly hated by the speaker.
Man, do you know what's really underrated? That Radiohead album Hail to the Theif! So underrated.
by Caleb Mitchell February 05, 2009
to be a virgin, yet everyone knows that the virgin in question is amazing at sex
Mike: Man, did you know the Angela's a virgin?

Dave: Yeah dude, she's actually underrated
by street_style_balla April 15, 2009
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