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a dislesxic stealer purhson thad dunt spel too gud.
Stob thut theif!
by n November 17, 2003
someone who steals, or keeps something expired that neds to be updated like car tabs
GOD DAMN YOU BANDA!! get new tabs.
by take that FUCKER! November 11, 2002
cs player who is nexor
hayden is quite nexor
by thief is nexor December 01, 2003
Theif is the act of stealing and is most commonly used in describing the past tense. It can mean stealing something literally or taking another style or custom and claming it as your own.
Watch out Jerome he theifs everything.

My brother Theifed that album from Wal-mart last week.

She Theifed my sneakers the colors and everything.
by Baby Bamf June 28, 2006
Some on who uses steals knows the steal ability and uses daggers to make sneak attacks...
Theif is the best character class
by mdemon9991 September 21, 2005

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