The amount that one thing is shorter in height than another is calculated as the first thing’s "underage."

Note: Not to be confused with “underage” as in, younger than 18.
The underage of this midget to that one is about three inches.
by Mark Renfro March 23, 2007
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Under-age (not underage as in too young) but state of being under as it relates to inventory. Synonyms include shortage, dearth, under stocked, insufficiency and scarcity. Antonyms include overage.
1. We won't make it through winter with the under-age of our supplies.
2. We thought we were going to have an overage, but it turns out we have a under-age, oh well.
3. You always have to be mindful of your under-age.
by I.M.the.B.A September 09, 2016
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