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In seeing pictures of an underage girls rump.
Shaun: Look at that sweet ass.
Gemma: Underage bummage!
by Rozzers June 18, 2006
Origins in the slang words gee and geen and geena. Combine them and you have a slut of mega proportions.
Also is nickname for girls called Georgina.
Roaree: Holy crap Geenar is coming onto me AGAIN. I just want her to know that she is such a messed up whorebag.
James: She takes it up the poochute
Roaree: GEE! (runs after the Geenar)
by Rozzers August 25, 2007
Aww Out Loud.

Used in cases of cuteness.
Anon: I saw Gina's new picture and her nose looked like a napkin!
Anon2: AOL!
by Rozzers September 25, 2007
1. Slang for a faggot.
2. Straight man who likes backstage access.
3. The raping of a man by another man.

Chris: My ass is sore today.
Rozzers: Damn anal assassins!
Olie: Wasn't me!
by Rozzers June 18, 2006
A acronym meaning Roll On your Mum Laughing.
Fay: I well romled last night!
Rozzers: You are so lame.
by Rozzers August 19, 2007

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