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unday means balls or eggs in urdu/hindi. unday can be referred to both; chicken eggs, and human male eggs(balls).

1. look his unday(balls) are showing. Tere unday nazar aa rahey hain.
2. look the chicken is laying eggs(unday). Murghi unday de rahi hai.
by lalu parsad February 25, 2008
The period of time that occurs during the events of Saturday Night and Monday (or sometimes even Tuesday) Morning that nobody has recollection of after the comedown/hangover of a big weekender. After unday, you will feel like you have lost a day that you could have legitimately used for sleeping or recovering for work/uni the next day but can't because that day seems to have dissolved into nothingness and you probably knocked yourself out for over 24 hours.
A: *wakes up* Man I feel like shit... what time is it? we've got to go meet up with Sasha
B: That was yesterday. It's Monday today. And we're late for Uni again.
A: Shit whatever happened to sunday?
B: It's not sunday, It's Unday.

Sunrise on Friday, dPercussion on Saturday, Rave Saturday evening, Afterparty on Sunday, then it's Bank Holiday Unday.

by rasfuk September 23, 2006
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