An amusing site that doesn't rely solely on shock value , porn pictures and excessive profanity for "teh lulz".

It explains how to be funny and not just stupid.
ED is good for a chuckle , but all the dead baby jokes and memes get old after awhile. Uncyclopedia is funnier IMO.
by queen_azure February 18, 2008
The stupidest website I've ever come across, actually. Nothing is remotely funny and when you actually write a funny article for them they delete it. An admin might tell you yours isn't funny and then you look at other articles for inspiration are realize there is none.
Person1:This is the stupidest crap I've ever seen
Person2:Are you reading Uncyclopedia again?
by Shimdidly October 12, 2007
What some people use as a primary point of their reference.
<Uncyclopedian> Wow, I never knew fat people were countries!
by yummymummy March 17, 2007
A genius parody of Wikipedia. Uncyclopedia is where you make fun of an article by writing incredibly false things.
Without the genius of Uncyclopedia, I'd kill myself because of un-funny things...
by It'sAsh June 26, 2009
A parody site of Wikipedia. It is stupid, not funny and sometimes even offensive. some of thier articles are racist and insulting. They even laugh at the victims of the Hurricane Katrina. The editors of this site curse at each other maliciously in the talk page, arguing about what's funny and what's not.There are always phrases like "Fuck you" on their talk pages. The sites uses a whole bunch of made-up quotes that are supposingly entertaining and funny but actually are stupid and lame.
One who calls himself an Uncyclopedian has no life, period.
by Schuldig January 13, 2007
A less funny version of encyclopedia dramatica.
Awww...mann encyclopedia dramatica is blocked,we have to get on uncyclopedia.
by Christopher Ryan Wilkes December 21, 2007
A wikipedia clone featuring articles that are meant to be both funny and offensive. These are written by a handful of internet junkies/trolls. Much of the humor found is in pair with Maddox's page, laughing at tragic events and general fucktards. Uncyclopedia is heavy related to 4chan and Encyclopedia dramatica, but contains less porn and goatse/tubgirl. In short it contains less fun, but more seriousness.Worth to note is that uncyclopedia content is of varying quality.
From Uncyclopedia:"Clocking in a top speed of over 374 mph, with 1 African Giraffepower (Roughly 12,334 times the power of a mere horse), and outpowering the Buggatti Veyron by a factor of 12, African giraffes can easily outrun small airplanes, and if they ever feel the need, they can tear the wheels off the plane with their sheer height."
by ultimTalas November 10, 2007
Racist copy of wikipedia, full of horrible political correctness
Uncyclopedia attacks Christ again, and again.
by Erick the Patriot October 08, 2007
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