An amusing site that doesn't rely solely on shock value , porn pictures and excessive profanity for "teh lulz".

It explains how to be funny and not just stupid.
ED is good for a chuckle , but all the dead baby jokes and memes get old after awhile. Uncyclopedia is funnier IMO.
by queen_azure February 18, 2008
A Wiki that parodizes Wikipedia, though isn't completely as funny. Uncyclopedia is made of a surprising talented group of people who clearly understand satire, and the other 89%, which is made out of solely young children who think calling everyone a "whore", "fag" and "slut" is humorous.
Girl 1: John turned 13 today, though couldn't attend his birthday. He was too busy being "funny" on Uncyclopedia by calling Rihanna fat.
by Zombieness May 14, 2011
Urban Dictionary version II.
Dick: I am on Uncyclopedia.
Jane: Hey, Urban Dictionary is the same thing!
by ReleaseCandidate September 03, 2008
a phony version of Wikipedia that is generated using Wikia that provides humorous articles about subjects, usually the articles have nothing to do with the real thing. Example: Dark matter being a sweetening.
by -Anonymous- June 28, 2012
A sort of Wikipedia, dedicated to the eradication of humor in all its forms. The "un" in the name is short for "unfunny".
Your article has deleted from Uncyclopedia because it is too damn funny.
by Theo C. Cuppier III June 27, 2007
uncyclopedia is a more tame version of encyclopedia dramatica - It contains less pornography, less racist/sexist/obscene jokes, and essentially less humour. This is mainly because it is written by women and silly children who laugh at sentences containing the words 'wee' and 'poo'.
In the 'Did you know...' section of the uncylopedia main page:

...that it was I who let the dogs out?

This is a perfect example of the childish humour found on uncyclopedia.
by Markus Winterbottom Jr. esq. April 10, 2007
a load of bollocks
by JAF1999 November 25, 2011
A wiki intended as a humor/parody site which is completely and utterly unfunny. It is a textbook on how to fail at humor. Its pages are filled with ridiculous drivel and nonsense, which according to its supporters is "LOL RANDOM XD". The truth is that they try for surrealism and absurdity and fall far short every time. This site should be avoided like the bubonic plague, unless you are 12 years old and think fart jokes are funny.
Internet User: This site can't be THAT bad, can it? Lets look at the front page...
Uncyclopedia: HURR im a cowboy from Mars! AAAAAAAA. Look at my rollerskates, they are so wacky!
Internet User: That was so bad that it seared my soul. I can almost feel myself getting dumber. I'm going back to ED to recover.
by Xcalibur201 October 21, 2010

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