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A Wiki that parodizes Wikipedia, though isn't completely as funny. Uncyclopedia is made of a surprising talented group of people who clearly understand satire, and the other 89%, which is made out of solely young children who think calling everyone a "whore", "fag" and "slut" is humorous.
Girl 1: John turned 13 today, though couldn't attend his birthday. He was too busy being "funny" on Uncyclopedia by calling Rihanna fat.
by Zombieness May 14, 2011
Extremely erotic way of douches sending descriptive paragraph's of their muscles via social sites.
Susan: John, why the heck did you tell me about how your muscles gave Mart a boner on Facebook?

John: Shut up whore! I was flexting.
by Zombieness May 14, 2011

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