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A wikipedia clone featuring articles that are meant to be both funny and offensive. These are written by a handful of internet junkies/trolls. Much of the humor found is in pair with Maddox's page, laughing at tragic events and general fucktards. Uncyclopedia is heavy related to 4chan and Encyclopedia dramatica, but contains less porn and goatse/tubgirl. In short it contains less fun, but more seriousness.Worth to note is that uncyclopedia content is of varying quality.
From Uncyclopedia:"Clocking in a top speed of over 374 mph, with 1 African Giraffepower (Roughly 12,334 times the power of a mere horse), and outpowering the Buggatti Veyron by a factor of 12, African giraffes can easily outrun small airplanes, and if they ever feel the need, they can tear the wheels off the plane with their sheer height."
by ultimTalas November 10, 2007

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