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detritus or dross from failed or bogus recycling facilities, avoidable environmental waste
large deposits of unconsionabilium building up at Chinese electronics recycling facilities have been responsible for highly toxic effluents leaching into nearby waterways, endangering those downstream as well as local populations ... probably for generations
by MaxSpeed January 11, 2010
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any practice or practices of highly questionable ethics or value
perhaps strip mining coal and the attending ecological wreckage will be soon be refered to

collectively as unconsionabilia
by MaxSpeed January 11, 2010
a wholly unconsionable goal or resource that requires extreme or unethical means to obtain; an end whose means cannot be justified.
James Cameron's box-office smash has earthlings mining Pandora for unobtainium ... perhaps, in the context of Avatar, we could refer to the mineral as unconsionabilium
by MaxSpeed January 09, 2010

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