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Having strength or power.

Power, Strength, Energy, Might, Force, Potency, Ability, Excite
The car doesn't have enough umpf to get up the steep hill.
by Grrr123 December 19, 2005
A statement made when you are bored/annoyed about something, similar to a sigh but way more intense.
Guy1: Are you going to Matt's house later on?
Guy2: No! I am stuck here with those homeworks, umpf!
by dttah March 27, 2011
A word that represents the sound made when one craves sexual intercourse.
God damn I wanna just umpf the fuck out of that hot bitch Gabby...
by llll Mr. Bean March 06, 2010
The sound a wretched whore makes after a swift strike to the vagina.
" Bitch! Where's my money?? ((kick at the uterus)) UMPF!!!"
by arbutifuls March 30, 2009