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Having strength or power.

Power, Strength, Energy, Might, Force, Potency, Ability, Excite
The car doesn't have enough umpf to get up the steep hill.
by Grrr123 December 19, 2005
80 35
A statement made when you are bored/annoyed about something, similar to a sigh but way more intense.
Guy1: Are you going to Matt's house later on?
Guy2: No! I am stuck here with those homeworks, umpf!
by dttah March 27, 2011
19 8
A word that represents the sound made when one craves sexual intercourse.
God damn I wanna just umpf the fuck out of that hot bitch Gabby...
by llll Mr. Bean March 06, 2010
10 24
The sound a wretched whore makes after a swift strike to the vagina.
" Bitch! Where's my money?? ((kick at the uterus)) UMPF!!!"
by arbutifuls March 30, 2009
19 51