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ilocano word for vagina
ng banksit ti uki mo!
by maje March 31, 2005
An adjectival shortening of the word Ukrianian.
Lets head over to the Uki museum.
I have to wake up early for Uki school on saturday morning.
by Danyo Hentisz August 20, 2004
Slang word for smelly vagina derived from the Pidgin language of Hawaii.
Guy 1: Eh how was da uki lastnight?
Guy 2: Dat fawka was potent!!!
Guy 1: Ahh no can den.
by steezeburger December 13, 2012
U Know It
Matt: hit me up after work
Aaron: uki
by chocolatemandingo April 18, 2011
you know it.
a quick affirmitive response to a comment or observation.
playa #1: "man, this cheese is fucking good shit."

playa #2: "uki."
by Jordan November 25, 2003
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