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How assholes spell "up" feeling it needs more letters added to it for no apparent reason which ends up slowing down messaging.
"Yo bro whats uhp?"
"So whats uhp"
"I think you need to look at the uhp side"
by neededtobesaid June 26, 2009
Uníos Hermanos Proletarios (Spanish) meaning "Proletarians Brothers Unite". Popular slogan of the Asturian Miners in 1934 and later also a popular battlecry of leftist Republican defenders 1936-39.
UHP, camardas. Hay llegado la hora.
by Trenchhunger May 13, 2015
if timmy is saying it to maddie it has two meanings
I love you
hey maddie, uhp
love you too timmy
by tasdfghjklkjhgf June 07, 2011
1. Used to exclaim a gill...
2. Verbal representation of a Gill
uhp ...thats a gill.

(person 1)that bitch is hot....
(person 2)UHP ..thats a gill...its a guy
by Mike craig January 23, 2009

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