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the act to make oneself unattractive.
I dont want to go to work...people will hit on me. I better uglify myself.
by Daniel012 May 05, 2005
1. To become ugly or more ugly
2. To make something unappealing or unattractive
Go uglify that fence by sticking your gum on it!
by LeahKristineB. April 28, 2008
used in alice in wonderland.
"uglify isn't a word!" - alice in wonderland
by Lucy November 11, 2004
When you put a half eaten cookie, wrapped in foil, into a pumpkin candy holder.
Monday through Friday uglifies the weekend.
by Cy November 30, 2004
to make very ugly
The company really uglified their shoes this season.
by spinderella August 05, 2003