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Burning Tonkomong Sensation. Tonkomong meaning butthole in Korean. Usually means that they have diarhea. Used when you tell someone that they have BTS when they run to the restroom.
Hey look at him running in the restroom...he must have BTS.
by Daniel012 May 09, 2005
Korean and English mixed together.
Korean with English grammar.
I am the Keun-est sister. (Keun meaning big.)
by Daniel012 May 05, 2005
The numbers said in korean and english:
0 - Yung (K)
1 - One (E)
2 - E (K)
korean defintion for Yung one e means forever.
I am yours 012.
collegeboy012 - College Boy Forever
by Daniel012 May 05, 2005
the act to make oneself unattractive.
I dont want to go to work...people will hit on me. I better uglify myself.
by Daniel012 May 05, 2005
Acronym for:
Please be patient; God is not finished with me yet.
Do you know what PBPGINFWMY means?
Yea it means Please be patient; God is not finished with me yet.
by Daniel012 May 04, 2005
White hairs you get from stress, and not because you are old.
Dude...I have so much stress hairs from work!
by Daniel012 May 04, 2005
Pronunciation : Kwarm

When one is extremely tired and sleeps on the couch and responds to the question, "Hey, don't you want to sleep on your bed?" One replies, "No, I'm Cwarm." When in reality meaning to say, "No, Im Cool." AND "No, Im Warm." at the same time.
Person 1: "Hey, sleep on your bed, the couch is uncomfortable."
Person 2: "It's ok, I'm cwarm."
Person 1: "HAHA, what did you say?"
Person 2: "Did I say cwarm?...I meant to say warm...or was it cool?"
Person 1: "OK..."
#cool #warm #sleepy #tired #couch #bed
by Daniel012 April 18, 2007
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