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5 definitions by Cy

an insanely scary game designed to make boys and girls defecate as soon as they are exposed to it. its fucked up.
jimbo: play some silent hill
johnny: dude.
jimbo: what? lets play
johnny: fuck that yo, that shit is way too scary.
jimbo: u fucking pussy
johnny: no shit, i wouldnt play that game to save my family
by cy September 18, 2003
57 31
An acronym for "Lay The Pipe". Slang for sexual intercourse.
That girl is hot, I'd love to LTP with her.
by Cy February 03, 2005
30 23
In my gay opinion.

variation of imho
You're a pretty good kisser, imgo.
by Cy March 04, 2005
16 10
That which represents anything with the qualities of Norm. Big in stature and AzN!
That girl was quite Normish!
by Cy December 03, 2004
3 0
When you put a half eaten cookie, wrapped in foil, into a pumpkin candy holder.
Monday through Friday uglifies the weekend.
by Cy November 30, 2004
1 1