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Any ufology oriented conspiracy theorist, that begins stalking you, when your business officially becomes a defense/intelligence contractor.

Derived from ufologist and follow.
Me: As I was saying special agent Lopez. I heard him rooting around, a little after four. He was removing the hard drives from the computer. I confronted him and he grabbed at something in his waist. I hit him with a couple bursts from my new H&K MP7, that mess is what's left of him.

special agent: Typical ufollowgist bullshit. It was a can of pepper spray, but we found rope and and rag soaked in chloroform on his person. He may have tried to kidnap you.

Me: I've been followed by a ufollowgist before, but never had this violent shit happen. I feel bad for the dumb fuck.

special agent: You still were required to protect any sensitive material, with lethal force anyway. Don't feel bad.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 08, 2010

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