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The pseudonym replacing a male who is considered goodlooking, sexy and has an overall charm about him.
Bob: "My name is Udit because im a sexy beast.."
by tha masta April 20, 2005
To look up an unfamiliar slang term in the Urban Dictionary.
Ray: Man that girl was so freaky I took home last night, in the middle of hittin' it, she told me she wanted a Cleveland Steamer afterwards.
Mike: Huh? Whats a Cleveland Steamer?
Ray: Fool, go home and UD It!
by Cruehead September 23, 2008
To look something up in the Urban Dictionary (UD)
I don't know what quantum dating means, i should udit
by Adrian December 23, 2002
To add a definition to the Urban Dictionary (UD)
Wow, that is a great word, you have to udit!
by Adrian December 23, 2002
GOOBA . LOOSA . person lacking other human companionship
please dont invite him he is a udit!
by hotyoungsnob February 14, 2010

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