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One of Saddams sons, infamous for his torturing of athletes and his torture-rape-murders of women.
Uday is dead now and good riddance.
by Neo October 30, 2003
The greatest nigga alive. He is the best at everything. Everyone loves him.

See: Bruce wayne
Jesus christ.
Uday is the shit.
by laxmiatt August 03, 2013
What happens when someone is mad at you
Custer really got those indians udayed
by Anonymous September 05, 2003
A kind of man without a nose. Sometimes wears a suit with two colours.
Did you see that Uday over there?
by Jazimand Riyazz August 23, 2003
(v.) to puncture repeatedly; to make holes in.
udayed (adj.) full of holes.
v. You will need to uday the box so that the cat inside can get air to breathe.
adj. That swiss cheese sure is udayed.
by Spookie September 01, 2003
to be kept in a cold place for a long period of time
Uday the porkchops or they will spoil and start to stink.
by D. Webster September 02, 2003