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A lot, very, extremely.
That was uberfully spiffy, Jaela.
by Jaela September 25, 2004
Very nice and cool and good
"Muffins are so uberful."
by Jaela September 25, 2004
The poor children make them for less than a dollar a day in third world countries, way rich american snobs buy and wear them. The end.
Girl 1: Wow, like totally check out my new abercrombie clothes...

Girl 2: Yeeaah, they're like totally cute!

Me: You don't know what the heck you're doing... >.<;
by Jaela April 16, 2005
used to describe a really great guy, who is funny, interesting, smart, and above all, hot.
Seiji-kun is sooo fwee!
by Jaela September 25, 2004
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