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this kid is simply amazing. he loves the poon and if he has a girlfriend she is the mosy beautiful and best person ever too.
Dude 1: damn i fucked that bitch so hard last night.
Dude2: damn your name should be tyty.
by tyler murphy May 24, 2008
pronouced: (tai-tai)

another word for tired.
person 1: "hey you wanna chill tonight?"

person 2: "nah, im ty ty."
by onetrippynight August 22, 2009
I'm so tyty from that party last night
by Mandy P April 11, 2009
Meant to thank people. Meaning: thank you, thank you.
1st Person: You look gorgeous!
2nd Person: tyty
by Fandomlord October 11, 2015
when your eyes get really heavy after smoking a bong of chron, and drifing away to sleep with such ease.
Man, i cant take that bong anymore, im soooo ty-ty. I could sleep till sunday and its only tuesday.
by Lacey A. July 22, 2008

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