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Stereotypical white male, with blonde hair often paired with blue eyes. Into sports; specifically football, wrestling, or lacrosse. Goes to the gym to work out. Usually has a fairly large ego because he knows that he's cute and uses this to his advantage. As a result, a lot of girls might think that he comes off as a bit of a douche bag. Likes fitted hats and nice kicks, knows how to dress and has swag. Typically drives a BMW, Acura, or another cart of similar kind (though it might not be the newest model). Is pretty cool with a number of different "stereotypical" groups. Likes to party, drink, flirt with girls, hook up, and have sex.
Girl 1: I just saw Joe at the gym, he's so cute! He plays football AND lacrosse. He pulled up in his BMW when he was leaving and asked for my number, I can't believe it.

Girl 2: You always go for the typical white boy!
by wellimjustsayin December 06, 2011

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