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A DeHavilland Twin Otter (DHC-6) aircraft is often affectionately nicknamed a "Twotter" by its pilots, and those familiar with the plane.
I dropped a bunch of jumpers today from the Twotter.
by Phil90210 July 04, 2009
53 15
British slang for a womans vagina.
Can be used as an insult, or to describe the said organ.
"I twatted her right in the twotter."
"Hey dude, she just flashed me her twotter"
" I dont believe that film got an 18 certificate, there was tits but no twotter!"
"You have such a lovely twotter"
"Shut up you twotter"
"God Geraldene you twotter smells like rotten tuna!"
by Elpoochio March 07, 2006
50 43
The hybrid between a twink and an otter. A boy who is too old to be considered a twink, but not hairy enough to be considered an otter.
Steve: "Wow, that twink is hot."
Rick: "That twink is like 28!"
Steve: "Meh, but he's smooth and thus, not an otter."
Rick: "He's a twotter!"
by The Twotter November 20, 2011
11 7
In gay culture, the hybrid between a twink and an otter. A thin guy who is not quite hairy or muscular enough to be an otter, but also not hairless or young-looking enough to be a twink.
Mark: Dude, that guy is so hot. I love otters.
Jamie: He is totally not hairy enough to be an otter. He's for sure a twink.
Mark: No way, he doesn't look that young and he's not hairless.
Jamie: Fine then, let's call him a twotter.
by WannabeOtter March 24, 2014
0 0
a combination of harry potter and twilight; Can be used as an insult or compliment for fantasy fans.
"you're such a twotter fan"
"dude, she's so twotter obsessed"
"how twotter of you..."
by yobho November 24, 2009
7 12