1. noun. Similar to a threesome, but as the title implies, involving only two people. It is not the same as sex...it is wilder; with the intensity of a threesome.

2. Can be used as a verb when appropriate. Implies the act of having wild sex.
1. "I had a twosome last night with some exotic chick. I'm exhausted."
"Twosome? You mean you had sex?"
"Naw, man. Twosomes are hotter!"

2. "Dude, I wanna take that chick home and twosome her!"

by Lysserloo September 05, 2008
Top Definition
a mind-blowing, spine-tingling form of sex between two consenting individuals. usually the type of intercourse that would be associated with sex with more than just one individual, as to be so exciting that you would think you had a threesome.
Raquel: "Yo Nat, i had a bomb ass twosome last night!"
Natasha: "For real! I been trying to have one with my man since we got together, but we still just been having sex."
Raquel: "well i hope ya'll have one soon cuz this shit is not missed!!!"
by maryjane420 August 24, 2005
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