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two's up is the act of slipping one in a lady friend whilst your friend does the same on another orifice
i know it's a sunday but there's two's up on the cards... let's GO!
by nick williams January 12, 2009
nutha way 4 sayin save me half (on cig)
ste says - two's up phil
phil says - ryt den
ste says - safe
by Phillian June 08, 2005
A song by Australian Rock N Roll band AC/DC on their 1988 album Blow Up Your Video
The other day I was listening to Two's Up...what a killer track!
by accadaccadefinitions April 16, 2010
giving a girlsome double penetration
hey mate - do you think that girl would be interested in a twos-up???
by Dirty Sanchez December 13, 2003
The phrase a townie uses to ask for something.
Hey Gaz, two's up like
by PVFC4EVER July 19, 2003