1. the happy jumpy feeling you get that causes you to smile uncontrolably.
2. the way birds and other animals act during mating season (as seen in Bambi)
1. Vianne gets twitterpated when Marcos touches her cheak.
2. "The birds gettin all twitterpated," said the owl. (Disney's Bambi really is a good movie.)
by JAP March 01, 2004
to have writer's block in regards to your tweets
"I wanted to tweet about this, but I got all twitterpated."
by Jane Hathaway March 18, 2012
1. A word of infatuation.
2. A word that is full of fucks.
1. My boyfriend is so amazing, I'm so twitterpated!
2. Twitterpated; I love the fuck out of that word!
by thechelsum March 24, 2010
In love with (or addicted to) twitter.
Guy 1: "John is so twitterpated. He just can't get off twitter!"
Guy 2: "Yeah, he can't even take a bathroom break without tweeting about it first."
by Jack Winchester January 10, 2013
The act of wanting to tweet but your brain cannot think of anything. Constipation of the twitter world.
I was going to tweet, but I'm completely twitterpated.
by TWITCOINER February 22, 2012
The feeling of allot of emotions (mad, confused, stressed, overwhelmed . . . etc. . .) all boiled into one and not knowing how to express in one word.
I was twitterpated after talking to my girlfriend.
by GH0STxFACE December 22, 2009
trying to tweet something but nothing comes out
I had alot to tweet a couple of days ago but now I'm twitterpated.
by ILLooMN8us September 30, 2011
When you can't think of something good to tweet. Combination of twitter and constipated.
Feeling quite twitterpated, Jeff just couldn't squeeze out a tweet.
by cranflavin May 24, 2011
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