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-A severely overweight boy between the ages of 12 and 18.

-Usually a nerd who calls people n00b on counter strike, only taking breaks when he eats and even eating while he plays.

-Also used as an easy nickname for this kind of person.

-Originated by people going to skool in western Pennsylvania.
(Twinx)Hey Eric did you buy counter stike yet!?

(Eric)No I didn't, maybe you should stop eating and playing counter strike and go run around outside!


(Twinx)Shutup you guys are stupid n00bs
by Stimmt Masta July 17, 2006
To immediately jinx yourself with a Tweet post.
Ho 1: "Hey your Tweet said your kids were still asleep and you were gonna get some recovery time"
Ho 2: "They were. I Twinxed myself."
Ho 1: "I told you posting that would Twinx you."
by disauraderly March 13, 2011
A jinx by a family member or friend that says" well at least you aint havin twins". Only for that exact thing to happen.
GrandMa: Well back in my day accidents didn't exist, but just be glad you aren't havin twins.
Me: Yeah you are right
9 months later
Baby 1:Whhhaaaaaaa
Me: Noooooo, grandma you just had to twinx me didnt you?
by Da215BigBen February 13, 2010
to be between two or more objects
take that hose twinx them buildings and put that fire out
by C. Meredith July 10, 2008