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Similar to jazz hands, except with wiggled fingers rather than shaken wrists.

Can also refer to both done simultaneously (even though that's bloody hard to do).

Denotes that something is magical or special.
*raises arms in front of him a shoulderwidth apart, tilts them slightly for campness, and wiggles fingers as fast as possible to denote that something is magic or special - twinkle fingers!*
by The King of Carrot Flowers June 28, 2006
something 2+ people can do when 1 person says or does something funny/excellent, or owned someone.

the twinkle of fingers at someone, similar to the way a person would type on a keyboard.
no way i cant belive you did that, you owned her, twinkle fingers dude! (*twinkle fingers together*)
by MGMaster5000 May 24, 2004
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