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A trick to decieve your friends to get something that you want, though you may or may not deserve it. Or slyly doing something out of the view of your friends to get away with having to do more work.

Given the name from Peter Kay's "Uncle Knobhead"

similar to being two faced
1) Going to a party and laying ur coat on a bed to signify thats where ur staying.

2) Nagging someones head to make them tell you if they like you or not, and when they finally answer you, you shag their friends.

3) Telling your friend your going to the shop to get something, whilst really your goin meeting his/her ex-boy/girlfriend

4) Makin a brew at your mates house n not makin them one.
by MGMaster5000 May 24, 2004
Honny - The legend, The Myth, the story, history = his story, the all knowning powerful dude.
dude, Honny, awesome
by MGmaster5000 July 11, 2004
the Leafy form of cannabis ( skunk )
bring sum booche to the party!
by MGMaster5000 May 24, 2004
something 2+ people can do when 1 person says or does something funny/excellent, or owned someone.

the twinkle of fingers at someone, similar to the way a person would type on a keyboard.
no way i cant belive you did that, you owned her, twinkle fingers dude! (*twinkle fingers together*)
by MGMaster5000 May 24, 2004
another word for Cannabis
dude, bring sum snibble!
by MGMaster5000 May 24, 2004
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