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More commonly referred to as marijuana.

The term twindle refers to the dried leaves and flowers of female Cannibus plants. Twindle is used to describe the fine filaments of these combined items. The word twindle can also be used to describe the feeling that you would have upon smoking said substance. The feeling of pure pleasure as you can actually feel your sperm count lower.
Ev95: "Yo, you want me to pack you some?"

Hen69: "Pack some what??"

FedNeg: "Well, some Twindle, of course."

Hen69: "Indeed. Pack that shite, neg."
by The_Messiah July 15, 2009
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The motion a spider makes upon rapidly encasing a bug in its web filament.
A stinkbug flew off the elbowbush but got stuck in the huge web. It struggled to get free but was twindled up by the spider at lightning speed.
by Cromes March 26, 2009
to feel an emotion to its fullest extent. to express an emotion with great exaggeration.
Conor69: i even understood it even though you are spelling Jaeger incorrectly, Chaz.
chaz20: I twindle in delight of your exceptionally keen eye, Conor. But, for safety purposes I must provide due warning...
chaz20: I am the Jagernaut, bitch.
by mastashakezzzzz May 26, 2006
a singular filament of twine
After wrapping the package with twine, Mom asked me to sweep up the twindles from the floor.
by Tyler F. March 06, 2007

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