Something Good Charlotte, Fred and George and Mary-Kate and Ashley fans dream about.
Me:twincest...insn't that wrong?
GC fan: Only if u swallow, liek!!111
by Michelle The Pirate July 11, 2004
When twins go at it in the sack and it is hotter than anything else.Taboo twins carries hot]stories about twins original and fan fiction.
The hot twincest stories found here
by taboo twins June 01, 2010
The act of twins engaging in incest.

Twins having intercourse.
"I heard John and Eli got busy last night."
"Dude, they're twins!"
"Yeah, twincest."
by areyoureallyreadingthis? April 19, 2010
Twins preforming incest
Jerry and Jessica loved each other so much, they preformed twincest
by death by a spoon January 26, 2010
Twins in which engage in sexual intercourse, or fullfill each others sexual desires.
Some famous examples are:
The olsen twins are twincest
the Harvey Brothers practise twincest
by Dylaoptupus February 05, 2010
The fascination, lustful feelings or fetish with twins. Typically those featured in any adult themed entertainment.
"Did you see those hot twins online?"
Terry and Jerry are this week's featured twins in
The twincest I feel for those doublemint girls is beyond belief.
by mitcherrbahn September 08, 2010
Incestual love or actions between twins, usually identical.
People have said twincest is like masturbating, because it's like having sex with yourself, but it's not. When you masturbate, you have sex with your hand, not another person who looks like you. They are two completely different things.
Girl 1: Omg I totally ship Chandler and Christian!
Girl 2: Uh...but they're twin brothers... That's disgusting.
Girl 1: No it's not! It's twincest!
by bluegreengrass October 10, 2013
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