A word pertaining to the pairing of Fred and George Weasley, twin boys from the Harry Potter Series.
I absolutely love Twincest, even though James Phelps suggests it's wrong
by PunkxxRoyale December 28, 2009
When twins get together in a odd and disturbingly immoral relationship to the out side world. A mix of incest and twins.
Laurie: damn you see those blonde twins over there, they are having a twincestual relationship
Josh: that is gross, and not to mention immorally disturbing.
Laurie: damn straight it is,andi thought the girl was hot.
Josh: obviously so did her brother.
Laurie: just like those gay scots the proclaimers.
Josh: lool
by Chizeej- on behalf of Lozz April 17, 2007
When two twins both female do anything sexual to either each other or to someone else with each other.
The twins both screamed at the word twincest.
by PainCorp July 11, 2004

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