A stupid book that is poorly written and has a cliched plot. The characters are unoriginal and the entire book is based on the fact that Edward is a sparkly fairy trying to pass for a badass vampire, but fails miserably.

He also catches the attention of the whiny Bella Swan and is somehow insane enough to fall in love with her. Bella is somehow insane enough to fall in love with him. They both fail at life. Epically.
The entire book is about how beautiful of a fairy Edward is and how love will keep them together.
This book gives obsessed fangirls the idea that the ideal boyfriend is a old creepy pedophile that watches you while you sleep and isolates you from you friend. It also tells them that romance is all about looks, an abusive relationship, and teen pregnancy.

It's an overall failure.
fangirl: I wish I was Bella Swan so I could be in Twilight.

smartperson:Oh, so you want to be a whiny bitch with an abusive pedophile boyfriend in a book that is horribly written?

fangirl: YES! wait. what? um..... no?

smartperson: You're an idiot. Go read a real book.
by twilightshouldgodie August 03, 2010
The best piece of literary brilliance to hit the shelves since Harry Potter. SM is practically a god and has made tween girls all around the world go nuts about it.
Edward Cullen and Bella Swan whilst being the most cliche couple ever create a school yard romance worthy of Romeo and Juilet but without the horrible end and boring play write.
The surrounding elements Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Esme and Carlisle are probably more interesting than the main interest Bella and Edward.

People would prefer to hear their story than the likes of Bella and Edward.
Edward loves Bella, twilight
by Twilight freak3432 May 02, 2010
Twilight, v: To Twilight someone is to ejaculate on a person's face only to immediately throw glitter onto it. It then becomes nearly impossible to get off, thus making them look like a Twilight Vampire.

Past Tense: Twilighted
"My girlfriend forced me to watch Twilight. So we went back home and I Twilighted her. She doesn't like the movie anymore, or me.
by PKPNewbs February 28, 2010
A wet dream that went on to plague an entire generation.
Twilight is an insult to literature.
by absinthe A April 16, 2010
An overrated teen sensation, released in 2005. Written by the inexperienced Stephenie Meyer, the badly presented, two-dimensional characters include the most famous Edward Cullen, who is the most perfect being ever to walk the planet. Meyer describes these sparkly things as 'vampires', though they are more accurately referred to as 'meyerpires' or 'steroided cannibals'.
"Oh my Gosh! Have you read Twilight?"
"OH MY GOD YOU ARE CRAZY *beats with bat*"
by Anne Mouse February 24, 2009
A fucking terrible book series made by some bitch. This book (I use the term "book" sparingly) is about a girl who falls in love with a pussy little vampire (he doesn't even have fucking fangs).

Loved by dumbass teenage girls everywhere because they don't know shit about literature.
"Hey man, have you read Twilight?"

"I'd rather get raped by a cactus"
by Master_Mind34 November 21, 2008
A despicibal peice of shit written by a giant 13 year old tart with no originality, nor creativity. Search your family members/friends home carefully for such a book, if seen dispose of immediatly while wearing goggles, gloves, and a painters suit. If you come in contact with the item itself, developement towards becoming a 13 year old fan girl shall commence. If contact occurs head to your local government agency immediatly for assistance.
Twilight: Just say no. Fuck you works in addition. But why? Just pray your never in this situation:

Stupid tart: Mom! Can i buy some glitter!! I want to be just like edward when hes in the sun, showing the world his hawt marble body!<33334333three33!!!

Despicible parent: Darling, Edward doesn't buy glitter from the store, it come's naturally from the pussy vampire bloodline.

Passerby: Ma'am, can I recommend a surgeon to take a look at your daughters head?

Despicible parent: ..... OH MY GAAAAWD, ARE YOU EDWARD?!?!?!?!!1?!
by Despicible peice of shit June 08, 2010

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