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(n.) a book created by Stephenie Meyer, focusing on the characters Bella Swan and Edward Cullen.

Most of the people who have given this book's fan base a bad name are the never-readers. These are the people who didn't read it until after watching the movie. These are the whiny tween fangirls who gush about how "like, O M E Edward is so hot and I'm going to marry him some day and he'll love me forever because I'm better than Bella Slut-face and then I'll be a vampire and oh my Robbie Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are so awesome I love run-ons!"

The actual fans of the book live in reality, and are more supportive of the side characters that are more interesting and less cliche- for example, Carlisle, Jasper, and Alice.

Also, the true fans laugh along when twilighter jokes are made. We laugh, we TELL these jokes, and we READ OTHER F***ING BOOKS. That's right, girls and boys. There are other book's out there! Try Ender's Game, try Sword of Truth, try Harry frickin' Potter! Just move on already! Stephenie Meyer has a different- and far better- book out, you know. Or if you want something very different, try Jodi Picoult! I don't care! Just shutthef**up and MOVE THE HELL ON!


You have nothing else to compare it to, therefore you can NOT say it is the best! You are not a fan, you are a groupie!
Fangirl: "OME can you name a better book in the world than Twilight or any of it's prequels? I don't THINK so!"

Fan of Books: "Um, I think you mean sequels, and actually, while Twilight is a good story, there are many that are far better. Here read this."

Fangirl: "Like, what IS this. Ah! Big words!"

Fan of Books: "Um, well, the title is on the--"

Fangirl: "Shuddup! I shun you, you suck! (Oooh suckvampirebloodEdwardRobertPattinson I WILL RAPE YOU!!)
by MorallyFlexibleMe June 09, 2009
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